Blind Faith: Losing sight to gain vision

In yoga philosophy, Pratyahara translates to mean the removal or withdrawal of the senses; a journey designed to take the yogi from the outside in to find the self. Join Julie and explore your practice on an entirely different level… blindfolded! Yes, you read that correctly. Practicing blindfolded magnifies your experience so that you can tune deeper into your breath. Your need for focus and remaining present will expand exponentially, empowering you to renew your self-confidence and find approval from within.

This will be an extremely slow-paced class. We will move through basic and foundational yoga poses that you’re already familiar with, all while blindfolded, becoming more intimate with our other four senses. You’ll gain the opportunity to draw your awareness inward, improve your balance, and expand the trust you place in yourself. The experience promises to be challenging, exploratory, and rewarding.

“When sight is restricted, vision becomes clear.”

PRICING: $30; $25 w/ discount (must show ID in studio)

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