Chakra Anatomy 101

SUNDAY from 3-5 pm. Get learning!

What is prana?
What are nadis?
What is a chakra?
How do we know/feel that we have chakras?
How do we know/feel that we have energy?
What are their names and associations?
Where are they located?
Why are they important?
How do they work?

This is a “Chakras 101” in which participants are introduced to the vocabulary and anatomy of the yogic energy body, each of the chakras, and the beautiful and poetic yogic chakra model as a whole in an exploratory, experiential, enjoyable environment.

Students are guided through specific yoga techniques (pranayama, asana, mantra, and other meditative techniques) in order to fully experience, explore, and embody each chakra.

Suitable for all levels of yoga students and yoga teachers wishing to expand their knowledge and experience of their chakra energy fields, as well as therapists, massage therapists, energy workers and healers that want to better understand and experience the chakras.

$40 – Get in on this learning opportunity NOW!

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