NEW **BLISS OUT** class with Adriane!

Meet Adriane! Our new community instructor. She’s teaching Friday’s at noon for an $8 community class – or you can just use your class pass.

When I became disciplined in my yoga practice, I was gifted with all-around better health and a tremendous amount of healing and hope. I found a way out of suffering and into genuine joy. In 2017, I became certified in EmbodiYoga—a gentle, intuitive, and restorative style of Hatha Yoga. Although I love a sweaty session of power vinyasa flow, gentle yoga is equally as important and potent. Balance is key in my practice.

My Teaching:

I encourage my students to find playfulness in the poses while maintaining safe alignment and, above all, to listen to their own bodies. Yoga is much more than a physical exercise; I aim to share the entirety of yoga alongside the helpful teachings that can be transferred from the mat to situations outside of the studio.

Class Description:

Experience the bliss, relaxation, and rejuvenation that occur when you slow down, find stillness, and tune into your body’s innate wisdom.

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