• Kimberly
    Kimberly Owner/Founder

    Mama, wife, daughter & sister, I am the founder of the Yoga Hive, a studio that came from a vision I had during a 10 day silent meditation retreat. I’ve had the privilege to study with many varied and wonderful teachers all of whom inspire me in different ways. My Yoga as Therapy practice includes private yoga sessions, Thai Yoga Bodywork and Chi Nei Tsang. I can be reached at kimberly@yogahivepgh.com

    I teach what I like to practice. And that is a well rounded flow class with lots of  breath. We prepare our bodies to move, flow; sometimes fast, sometimes slow and stretch. I give assists to help students understand the postures. Often we will have a theme from yogic philosophy or a part of the body as our focus. I believe in the power of silence and listening. My classes typically are without music.

  • Dezza

    Yoga pushes me and lets me explore being close to my edge (whatever it may be at that moment). It embraces me as I am, my strengths, as well as my imperfections. My practice gives me the space accept myself as a work in progress; and in turn, to take others in as they are. As a teacher, it’s very humbling to offer yoga to each person who walks into class. It’s an honor to be of service to our community as they move and delve deeper into their own journey into yoga.

    Expect to build up heat in my class with its eclectic approach to vinyasa. It’s often infused with a sense of lightheartedness. (Rumor has it that a little bit of core engagement is also peppered into the practice!) Breath and movement. Breath and stillness.

  • Emily

    I went to yoga for the exercise and found something truly powerful.  Yoga not only improves fitness and flexibility, it also provides us with the tools to connect and transform.  My practice helps me to make space physically, emotionally and mentally.  The power that I found in that connection is truly magical.  I believe yoga is for everybody and love sharing this practice.

    My classes are a blend of vinyasa yoga and Strala Yoga drawing from my personal practice and training.  We move with breath, take intentional pauses, and play, allowing you to build strength and openness.  My classes are infused with a sense of ease and kindness, because we can all use a little extra of both in our lives.

  • Jesse

    The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual need for change led me to explore alternative ways of coping with the stress and health issues in my life. I took my 1st yoga class in the mid 90’ and fell in love with it. I did my training with Yoga Works in Los Angeles, CA with Natasha Rizopoulus and James Brown. Since then, I has further my education and knowledge with various yoga teachers and styles (Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Iyengar) of yoga.

    My classes are eclectic and fun style of yoga that reflects my knowledge but staying focus on the core of yoga (breath, alignment, foundation and mindfulness) My goal is take each student in a journey of self-discovery and exploration (mentally, physically and spiritual) and allowing for each student to grow and expand beyond their horizons/comfort zones.

  • Charlotte

    Practicing yoga and allowing it to be a force in your life can truly be a game changer. I draw upon how yoga impacted me in a really challenging time and has made me the person that I am now. And instructing? I simply cannot imagine not sharing this practice. And showing my students this lifelong path connects me directly to my happiness!

    My classes are a dance between the breathe and the energizing flow of the body. Syncing the two and allowing the experience to develop on its own in every class will allow you as a student to explore, cleanse, recharge and release. Body and mind rewarded!”

  • Lisa

    Lisa stepped on her mat over a decade ago. She found solace in the dynamic flow of vinyasa yoga that artfully linked her breath, movement, and soul. She quickly realized there is no place like OM. Since that 1st class, she lost her 1st born daughter, and her infant son was diagnosed with a life-threatening genetic disorder. Yoga brought healing when nothing else could.

    Inspired by the wisdom that we can survive a life-shattering crisis by not clinging to what is not in the present. She completed the Yoga Hive’s 200-hour Teacher training in 2014. Lisa, who is also an attorney, can be found cultivating her ever-blissful light with her son, Silas, daughter, Amalita, and husband John.

  • Michael

    I AM a being of Love. If you want to advance with your practice of Yoga, come find me. What is Yoga? Come find out, experience, remember. I focus on what has changed my life. Using breath awareness and mindfulness within the physical practice I’ve learned how to alleviate mental / emotional suffering and have let go of judgements and fear. What remains is unconditional love for all.

    I Am inspired by ACIM, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, my teachers Philip Urso, Jared McCann, and Mary Jarvis, laughter, nature, beauty and the sound of Ujjayi breath.

  • Amy

    I started practicing for “a workout” but found much more than that. I have recently developed a dedicated Mysore practice and am working slowly through Primary Series. I have diverse teaching experience, sharing yoga from studios to football fields to the Gulf of Mexico. I teach a playful but challenging Rocket class on Sundays in the Strip.

    I strive to teach a challenging but accessible Rocket class. Rocket was created from the series of Ashtanga Yoga, twisted and flipped upside down. Come play with full spectrum practice – standing, seated, inversions, backbends and some core work.

  • Tracy

    I found and fell in love with yoga when I was attending the “Miss Nanjing” beauty pageant in China. After finishing my 200RYT, I have been teaching since 2008. I enjoy meeting yogis of all backgrounds and sharing my love of yoga with students of all levels.

    My Chi-Yo Flow class has deep roots inspired by chi gong, an ancient form of Chinese meditative practice that cultivates and balances chi (or “life energy”). Using the breath to move energy and invoke a meditative state.
    Website: http://www.tracychiyoflow.com/

  • Laura

    I started practicing yoga nine years ago, but it wasn’t until I moved to Pittsburgh in 2012 that yoga became the central, grounding force in my life. I completed my 200-hour training with YogaWorks in 2013 and have since studied Ashtanga Yoga with David Keil. My approach to the practice is informed by functional anatomy, and I seek to provide adjustments unique to each student’s body as we move and breath together.

    My classes are primarily alignment-based Vinyasa, drawing heavily from my personal practice of Ashtanga. I do, however, appreciate the need for some yin alongside the yang of a strength-based practice, and I love to share the peaceful power of Yin Yoga.

  • Chantal

    I started yoga almost 4 years ago as a way to combat the stresses of my day job. I was immediately drawn to both the intense asanas, such as arm balances and inversions, and also the yummier yin side of stretching, breathing, and connecting within. I completed my 200 YTT this past summer through Bryce Yoga’s Fit, Flow, Fly training, and am excited to start teaching!

    In my classes you can expect to find creative movement and transitions, with a focus on strength and alignment. Paired, of course, with the chance to balance and get inverted. Come ready to play, fall, breathe, and fly!

  • Kevin

    After many fits and starts, my consistent practice began in earnest in the winter of 2011 after attending an amazing and personally transformative yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Three years after that experience, I was honored to complete my 200-hours in Yoga Hive’s first teacher training.  When not practicing yoga you’ll find me traveling the country wondering in the woods, participating in a local cooking club and volunteering on non-profit boards.

    My teaching:
    I teach a deliberate and measured flow with time for observation.  In class, I aim to provide a safe and encouraging environment where we can observe our limits, learn to approach them, laugh along with our attempts to meet them and celebrate as we surpass them.

  • Derek

    Yoga practice is a skill I’ve picked up in life that helps me put my house in order and with any stroke of luck keep it that way. I could speak all day to the power of yoga but since I only have a few sentences I won’t (though I super want to). I received my 200 hour training in 2012 at South Hills Power Yoga.
    My Teaching:
    Bandhas, breath, and mindfulness O my!! These are but a few tools used in yoga practice to refine and enhance our being and my class is no exception. Expect some good ol’ mom & pop power vinyasa yoga infused with therapeutic intent and a few twists (most likely from a chair or lunge).

  • Julie

    I first stepped on to a yoga mat in 2008. What kept bringing me back was the reality that, sometimes, a class could leave me feeling like it was the only time I took a breath that day. Yoga gifted me my self-acceptance and serves as a first line of defense against anxiety, stress & depression. In 2014, I traveled to Rishikesh in India to receive my 200-hour teacher certification.
    My teaching:
    Prepare to work towards connecting your breath with your movement (it isn’t called a practice for nothing). Learning to feel comfortable in the face of vulnerability and accepting what and where your practice is on the day you come to class.