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What kind of Yoga is taught at the Hive?
Yoga Hive instructors teach what inspires them, so each class/instructor has a different flavor. Stylistically, we all teach power vinyasa, a term used to describe a flow that is put together with breath. Please see our schedule for more details on our class offerings.

How hot is it? Are you a “hot” yoga studio?
Classes are taught at approximately 85-90 degrees. In the winter we heat the studios to this range, but in the summer this may be the ambient temperature of the space.

What should I bring?
Your yoga mat! If you don’t have one, we can rent one to you for $1. We also sell a variety of Manduka mats. You may also want to bring water and a small towel.

What should I wear?
Wear clothes that allow you to move. Yoga pants, harem pants, yoga tanks, sports bras and t-shirts are common. Whatever you feel comfortable wearing and that you don’t mind getting a little sweaty.

I’m pregnant, can I still practice?
Yes! We are happy to accommodate you during your pregnancy. Please check with your OB to confirm that it’s a good idea for you. Several of our instructors have practiced throughout their pregnancies, but each body and each pregnancy is different. We encourage you to listen to your body and always make sure that you are breathing. When you aren’t breathing, the baby isn’t getting oxygen. You will also notice at a certain point that twisting and/or laying on your stomach is not longer comfortable or viable. The same will be true with backbending. But this happens at different points in every woman’s pregnancy. Please alert the instructor that you are pregnant, even if it’s early in the first trimester. And if you are not comfortable being assisted or adjusted during practice, let us know!

The Yoga Hive app no longer works
We know and we are sad too. MindBody bought our app maker, Healdcode, and now we are part of the MindBody app. Log-in and search for the Hive. You can list us as a favorite and track classes, purchases, events and more.

I have an injury, can I come?
Injury is a tricky thing. We always suggest checking with your doctor or PT. You will not get personalized instruction in a group class, so that will be entirely up to you. We do offer private yoga therapy sessions, you can email us at for information.

I left something at the studio – Do you have it?
We have a lost and found box at both studios. Please come back and check.

I’m new. What do I need to do before coming to class?
Nothing, just show up 15 minutes before class starts to fill out our a waiver and pay. OR, you can make your online account prior to your arrival and purchase the new client special. Just click here to get started. For more information on starting a Yoga practice, check our section on beginners below.

How do I cancel my membership?
Check your membership on your profile for details, and email us at 2 weeks before you want to cancel.

I need a receipt
Log-in to your MindBody account that was created when you registered with us. If you need help, please email You can track your attendance, purchases and our upcoming workshops and events. We only create receipts for transactions that we can track. If you made a donation at the park, we will be unable to provide a receipt unless you bring one for us to sign the day of and we can verify the amount.


I’m a beginner and don’t know where to start.
Welcome! We are glad you found us. Classes at the studio are considered All Levels, which means that we have people of all backgrounds and fitness levels in our classes. Since we are a vinyasa studio, the flow can feel intimidating at first. But, know that each time you show up you will learn something new. Commit to coming back several times a week and we know you will be hooked. Tell the instructor that you are new and set-up in the middle of the room so that you can watch practice from all sides.

Each year we hold several beginner workshops and we strongly encourage you to participate – even if you’ve been practicing for awhile. They will help you with alignment and will enable you to ask specific questions.

What if I’m not flexible?
Don’t worry – that’s why we practice yoga.

Studio Etiquette

Whether you are new to a yoga studio or not, here are some pointers:

Arrive on time
Please arrive prior to the class start time to respect the experience of your fellow students. We lock the doors prior to beginning class.

Be clean
Saucha, or cleanliness is one of the tenets of yoga. Cleanliness means several things:

  1. Please be respectful of the yoga community by wearing deodorant and making sure that you are clean. Feet included.
  2. Please clean the studio props that you borrow and place them neatly away at the end of class.
  3. Please place your shoes on the floor instead of in the cubbies.
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