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My yoga as therapy teacher, Doug Keller

dougkeller1-5-300x284 Yoga as Therapy

Yoga Hive owner, Kimberly Musial, offers private instruction and Yoga as Therapy session to individuals who need and want extra attention, feel they are inflexible or who would like to work on or around an injury, especially post physical therapy. Yoga as Therapy is the use of  yoga postures and breath, assisted stretches and ongoing dialogue to target a specific area of the body while maintaining a holistic focus on the body.
Private yoga sessions are 60 minutes and work on a very personalized basis. Each individual will receive an initial assessment and together we will work to create a series of movements and postures that can be practiced at home in between sessions.
Our private clients come from all walks of life; many of whom use yoga to help alleviate pain and tension from repetitive motion or an overly sedentary life.  We also see several cancer survivors and those in the middle of cancer treatment for help regaining mobility, strength and learning relaxation techniques.
Small group yoga sessions are available for friends and families who want private attention.

Single session: $85
5 pass: $400

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